Villa Jukung easily considered of one among many stunning properties in East Bali that explore the breathtaking beauty offered by strait as it even captured the beauty of the island beyond, Nusa Penida. Adopting ultimate peaceful living environment and rest at the traditional seaside village of Mendira Beach.Villa Jukung suit eight people looking for an ultimate retreat from their hectic schedule and busy town back at home. Staying in this villa, the feel coming from traditional Balinese is still clearly permeates the atmosphere. Far from the bustling crowd of tourism-dominated Bali, this is the perfect destination for your long-awaited relaxation days.

Entering the property, big entry door leads you directly into a spacious back garden. One house leave behind is one of the four sleeping quarters in Jukung. Even among the obstruction of the main house before it, the room still able to capture the stunning view of the sea. The main house, the two-storey pavilion is where you will find downstairs living and dining. While the right and left wing serves the purpose of being two more air-conditioned bedrooms makes it total six people can be accommodated so far. The last one that is perfecting Villa Jukung as a private residence for eight would be the upstairs master bedroom. All three captured the beauty presented by front garden and pool as well as the small stretch of golden sand.